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Dog Grooming Services in Winter Garden, FL

If you're looking for a dog groomer near Winter Garden, FL, then look no further than Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming Winter Garden. Our professional pet groomers deliver customized service with a delicate touch to have your pet feeling their best. Our team groom all kinds of dogs. No matter if your pet needs a quick bath and teeth brushing visit, or it is time for a bit of additional spoiling, we're here to help with it all. Request your appointment today.

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Size Chart
Small Dog: under 20 lbs
Medium Dog: 20-39 lb
Large Dog: 40-69 lbs
X-Large Dog: 70-99 lbs
* Add $5 to XL for every 10 lbs over 100.

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Luxury Bath

Includes soothing bath, blow dry, brush out, berry facial, ear cleaning, nail trim, teeth brushing, ear plucking, and anal gland expression (upon request).
Small Dog: starting at $35
Medium Dogstarting at $45
Large Dogstarting at $60
X-Large Dogstarting at $70
* Long coated breeds add $5


Includes luxury bath, trimming of the face, feet, and fanny.
Small Dogstarting at $50
Medium Dogstarting at $60
Large Dogstarting at $70
X-Large Dogstarting at $85
* Long coated breeds add $5

Full Groom

Includes luxury bath and all-over body haircut.
Small Dogstarting at $65
Medium Dogstarting at $75
Large Dogstarting at $90
X-Large Dogstarting at $105
* Long coated breeds add $5

Poodles and Doodles

Services are the same as above.

Luxury Bath
Small Dog
starting at $45
Medium Dogstarting at $55
Large Dogstarting at $70
X-Large Dogstarting at $80

Mini Groom
Small Dog
starting at $60
Medium Dogstarting at $70
Large Dogstarting at $80
X-Large Dogstarting at $95

Full Groom
Small Dog
starting at $75
Medium Dogstarting at $90
Large Dogstarting at $130
X-Large Dogstarting at $160

Add On (to Groom or Bath)

Choose 3 for $20: pad wax, sugar scrub, itchy paw soak, dose of cbd oil, bag of Woof Gang treats, breath freshener, or special shampoo.

A la Carte

Choose 3 for $25 (NO BATH): pad wax, sugar scrub, itchy paw soak, dose of cbd oil, bag of Woof Gang treats, breath freshener, nail grind, ear cleaning, or anal gland expression.

Nail Trim / Grind: $15 / $25

Specialty Packages

After you choose your services, you can PUP-GRADE your spa experience with any of the additional packages listed below:

Hairy Beast Deshed 
- $15 - $40 (Mandatory for double-coated dogs)
Tame the beast with our organic de-shedding shampoo and conditioner. The combination helps lift the undercoat and moisturize the skin. We then take a high-velocity dryer to blow out the lifted undercoat.
*Prices will vary due to the size of the dog and the condition of their coat. Also includes a nail grind.

Muddy Puppy - $20 - $40
Relieve your pup's itchy skin with special shampoo and Dead Sea mineral mud bath conditioner to help restore the skins natural oil balance!
* Prices based on size of dog.
* Choices of mud include: mango mud, green seaweed mud, deodorizing mud, coconut mud, fortify mud, and mobility mud.

Dematting Package - $20 (Mandatory for matted dogs)
Eliminate those pesky matts with our special dematting shampoo and conditioner. Extra care is taken on matts that can be brushed out, while the shampoo and conditioner soothes the skin for matts that cannot. Includes 30 minutes of brushing. ($1.00 per each additional minute). Also includes a nail grind!
* Price based on coat condition.

Zen Package - $20-$40
For dogs who need to relax. Achieve doggie zen with our stress relief lavender shampoo finish with a soothing lavender mud soak. Also includes a nail grind!
* Price based on size of dog.

Charcoal and Keratin Package - $10-$15
Charcoal and Keratin shampoo and conditioner detoxifies your dogs skin and coat, adds moisture, repairs damage and smoothes coat - great for long-coated doggies!

It's My Birthday! - $20
Celebrate their special day with a birthday bandanna, luxury shampoo/conditioner upgrade, paw pad wax, & nail grind!

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We love all of our pet parents from Winter Garden and surrounding areas including Clermont, Ocoee, Oakland,  Hiawassee, and more!

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